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Celtic Reiki is a version of Usui Reiki, which uses vibrations of the Earth and specific plants to create a healing and manifestation contusive environment. The Reiki energy mimics the frequency of various trees and plants to work in accordance with channelled and Celtic wisdom. An Earth energy Reiki, Celtic Reiki is channelled up, through the base chakra, rather than down through the crown, as with the Usui technique. This makes it akin to Kundalini Reiki, although Celtic Reiki does not act on the Kundalini, instead, showing results similar to Traditional Reiki, influenced greatly by the energy techniques of the Celts.


The entire Celtic Reiki system is not yet known to us, however, by using what we know, we will evolve energetically enough to proceed with the more powerful vibrations.


In this course, the energies will be passed on via 3 attunements – the first to introduce the energies and prepare the student for the other energies. The second works with manifestation energies and the third with healing and master energies. As well as symbols and descriptions, each section will cover aspects of Reiki, Celtic wisdom and instructions for use.

By Pamal Jordan

Comes with online manual and E-mail certificate


  • Requrement for this class is that you charge $75.00 when you pass on the class


Be sure to fill in the subject of the email (I don't open emails unless the subject line is filled because of spam and viruses.)

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I only sell Certificates to people who receive attunements from me. I do not offer refunds but you may choose a different class. If unsure ask before you buy.

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