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Genie's Method of Healing from a Distance

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Genie's Method of Healing from a Distance
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When I send distance healing, I try to send it to the three parts of the person, their mind (ego), heart (soul) and body. After the aura is opened I start with their head and draw the symbols on it. I say "to your mind I send the symbols and state what they do...I send energy to correct your thinking, grow in love, etc, as I draw the symbols. Maybe it is over kill, but I make a point to do the symbols on the head, heart and body.  As I run my fingers over the picture, it has become connected to the aura on their body. I can feel hot spots as if the body was present with me for healing. I then put symbols for healing, stop the pain and grow in love, etc on any places that need extra healing energy. Then I close the aura.

See-wah, means grow-in-love. This symbol helps the person to get rid of fear and replace it with love. When put into the aura, it is like planting a seed from which comes love and peace.

Shae-lean, means stop the pain. This symbol works with Sei-he-ki very well. Make a point to state emotional and physical pain then put it in the aura. It works very quickly!

Nee-voh, means "correct the thinking". This symbol should be placed in the head and heart when doing healings. Remember that physical manifestations in the body are caused by incorrect thinking in the mind. Thought patterns that are destructive to the person eventually work through to the body. Correcting the person's thinking helps the mind to release negative thoughts and the body releases the negative energy associated with them. It helps align the person with his higher purpose and restores the balance of energy between mind and body.

Use pic as a stand for who you are sending to
aura surrounds the body

Draw the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen over stand in and say:  Across time and space I send to you,___________,healing and loving energy.

Use this symbol to open Aura
Use hands to open their Aura

Draw Cho-Ku-Rei and say : I collapse time and space between us and begin sending you energy (draw over head, heart, stomach, hands, and feet)
Draw Sei-He-Ki and say I send you energy to heal your body, spirit and correct your thinking. (draw over head, heart. stomach, hand and feet)      

Draw the next three symbols in order over the head, heart,stomach, hand and feet.
 For See-Wah:  Say may you grow in love in your mind, body and spirit.

Grow in Love

Stop the Pain

Correct the thinking

Then Draw Dai-Ko-Mo with the intention of healing.

Close the Aura
don't forget to close the Aura.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Genie for this effective method of healing. 

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