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Please put your name on all of your emails

Please note if you are going to have a baby the baby will also receive the same level of attunement that you do.

I ask that  you wait for at least 3 days between attunements.  Choose a day and time that is quite for you allow at least 24 hours from the time you email me until you would like your attunement. 

Be sure to fill in the subject of the email (I don't open emails unless the subject line is filled because of spam and viruses.)

Reiki can be  sent in time to the past or the future with Reiki all times are now. When I send you the attunement it is something you have always been I am just helping you to access it.

Here is a list of what I need before your attunement:

1. It is required that you do the lesson and email it to me you are not graded this is my way of going over the manual with you

2. A pic. Or your hair color, bone size, skin tone and build.   

3. Please pick a day and time for your attunement, Your time.

4. Your full Name 

You may be unable to reach me on weekends for healing if you think you might have side affects please ask if I will be home on the weekend.

If you go into this thinking it won't work or you won't feel anything then you won't. Please be in a quite place for your attunement no PC, TV.

After your attunement if you have side affects and need healing let me know and I will send it to you. After your attunement you need to drink lots of water. If you should have any side affects email me and I will send you healing.  

I do not send attunements by email a day and time must be set up. Please do not be online during your attunement.

This is the only Cho-Ku-Rei I use when giving attunements

Getting your room ready for a reiki attunement:

Draw the Cho-Ku-Rei in the middle of the room and visualize it on all 4 walls, ceiling and floor. It is nice to clear the room with incense or smudging, low lights and soft music. Some people like to sit up and do the hand movements with me and some like to lay down and relax

When It is time for you attunement relax and say I intend to receive reiki (kind and level ex: Usui Level One) from Linda at this time

I need to know what you look like before your attunement. If you can't send a pic please use:
Hair color, Bone size, skin tone, and build.

If you have side affects after your attunement please email me for extra healing ( I send healing with all attunements).  Click here for the 21 day healing process.

Be sure to fill in the subject of the email (I don't open emails unless the subject line is filled because of spam and viruses.)

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I only sell Certificates to people who receive attunements from me. I do not offer refunds but you may choose a different class. If unsure ask before you buy.

All manuals on this website are copyrighted please be sure to give credit to the people behind the manuals.