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RA~SHEEBA healing, works directly on the charkas. Changing our DNA and electro-magnetics. In doing so it teaches us and connects us to LOVE. Love being the thing that helps us progress on all levels. We need to hold the Energy and allow the vibration to change us.

Hold the Light. Show our Light to all and see who recognizes the Light.


What does the Attunement do?

 It changes your vibration, changes your soul colors and

opens the way for love to flow within your being.

This is the beginning of the opening of the Divine Light within you all.  The Anchor was to re-establish the Crystal Energy within Mother Earth.  Once that is established around the world, the next group of symbols can be activated.

By: Pen Gough


RaSheeBa Online

  • E-Mail Certificate (in .jpg format for your to print)
  • Manual for you to print  (no paper manual)


Be sure to fill in the subject of the email (I don't open emails unless the subject line is filled because of spam and viruses.)

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I only sell Certificates to people who receive attunements from me. I do not offer refunds but you may choose a different class. If unsure ask before you buy.

All manuals on this website are copyrighted please be sure to give credit to the people behind the manuals.