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The Traditional History of Reiki
Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki in the late 1800's. He was the director of a Religious school in Japan. Ask by a student if he believed the Bible to be literally  true, did he believe that Jesus really healed the sick. Dr. Usui said, He  believed that the Bible was literally true and yes Jesus did perform  miracles. Dr. Usui traveled to the United States and entered the Chicago School of Divinity, where he earned his Doctorate in Theology.  However, he did not find the answer to his question, How may you heal the body?  He returned to Japan and entered a Zen monastery.  There he studied ancient Buddhist, Sanskrit, and Tibetan texts for many years.  Dr. Usui felt like he had failed and expressed his feeling to one of the monks.  The Zen never say this is the end "everything is a beginning." Do not give up your quest, because everything know to man can be know again.Finally in the original Sanskrit he found  the formula for healing the body in the ancient texts, but he did not have the ability or understanding to use it.   So he decided to Fast and Meditate. He traveled to the holy mountain of Kuriyama. He climbed the mountain chose the spot for his meditation then gathered 21 stones and piled them   before him. Each day he threw one stone down the mountain. On the final morning just before dawn. Dr.   Usui saw a beam of white light coming toward him. His first reaction was to run. However he decided to stay still. The light entered his third eye and he lost consciousness. He reported that he saw millions of rainbow bubbles and little known Sanskrit symbols glowing in gold. . As he saw each of the symbols he was given the names and uses for each as well as information on how to activate the healing energy. DR.   Usui came down the mountain and experienced what is know as the miracles.
1. Coming down from the mountain he stubbed his toe on a rock and fell to the ground.
His toe was bleeding he  instinctively grabbed his toe after a few minutes, the bleeding stopped and   the pain disappeared.
2. Dr. Usui had fasted for 21 days and then ate a very large breakfast without any adverse effects.
3. The innkeeper's granddaughter had a bad toothache for several days. Dr. Usui laid his hands on her face and she immediately felt better.
Dr. Usui began to practice Reiki in the slums of Kyoto, where he healed the beggars at no cost asking only that they start a new life. He worked for seven years in an asylum treating many illnesses However he found the same people returning who although healed of their physical ailments still chose to live by begging. Dr Usui was deeply shaken. He realized that he had forgotten something very  important in his healing work. To teach gratitude. Following this he thought out the Reiki principles:
Ethical Principles of Reiki
Just for today do not worry
Just   for today do not anger
Honor your parents, teachers, and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to everything
Before his death, Dr Usui passed the teaching of Reiki to his closest associate Dr. Chijiro Hayashi. Dr. Hayashi opened a clinic in Tokyo where he practiced Reiki. (that is the story as it was passed on to me). Here  Ms.Takata came for healing Hawayo Takata was Hawaiian of Japanese decent. She was in Japan facing surgery for gallbladder disease appendicitis and a tumor. On the operating table she heard a voice telling her " The surgery is not necessary"",  She got up off the table and asked the surgeon if there was another way for her to heal. He directed her to Dr. Hayashi's clinic. She was completely healed in four months. She decided she would like to be trained in Reiki so she stayed in Japan and became a student of DR. Hayashi. Dr Hayashi knew a great war was coming and decided to pass the complete teaching to two women. His wife and Hawayo Takata.
Reiki is universal healing energy:
Reiki = Spirit
Ki = Life force, Chi, breath
Reiki = Spirit breath
When you are attuned to Reiki  you are opened to the universal life energy. Reiki attunements are much like tuning in you TV station. The TV waves are there you just need to tune them  in. The same is true with Reiki. Reiki does not only treat where your hands are placed but will travel to where it is needed in the body. Intuition is important when using Reiki. Move your hands to where you are guided even if  that is not where the pain is.
Reiki neutralizes anesthesia quickly do not use before surgery or dental work.
Do not use on broken bone until a Doctor has set them.
Do not use on a severed limb until it has been re-attached. The energy can seal off veins and nerves making it hard to  re-attach the limb. In these cases if is ok to treat other parts of the body such as the adrenals for shock.
If you are Diabetic Reiki can reduce the amount of insulin you need have your Doctor monitor you dosage.
Reiki your food, plants, and garden seeds.
Your pets, Reiki will also heal animals.
Gifts that you give. Stuffed animals, baby blankets, etc.
Reiki your money for increased flow.
Crystal and other stones.
Your car to make it run better or your kid's car to make it safer.
Reiki will quickly dissipate the effects of alcohol.
Reiki the adrenal glands when people are in shock.
Bee stings, bug bites, burns cuts, sprains and bruises.
Reiki someone who is dying to aid in a more conscious departure.
Reiki heals the planet and you every time you use it.
You can clear the room of negative energy.
Anywhere from a tingle, to warm, hot or cool energy. Some people don't feel anything but they are still receiving healingor attunement.  The more you use Reiki the stronger it gets. Use it everyday.
Reiki your Mind, Body and Healing Others
Use you intuition even if it  seems strange. The energy knows what to do so don't worry if you are doing it right because you are. You cannot make a mistake the energy will go to where it is needed. One of the most important things is "intent" to send healing and "intent" to receive. When someone comes to you for healing or an attunement they want you, You are what you have always been Reiki. Know that you have been called to Reiki for a reason you have a role to help restore the planet.  Do not be attached to the results of the healing sessions. Do not try to force the energy let the Reiki flow where it will and do the healing. You are not doing the healing you are just a channel for the energy to flow through.
During you Attunement:
You may or may not feel something. Here is some of the things people experience. Tingle all over, warmth, light-headedness  floating, astral projection, visions, and many other things. The attunement  process is never the same twice.
Cleansing   Process:
Some people go through a cleansing process and some don't it can last from 1 day to 21 days. This  process can be uncomfortable for many people. The effects you may feel are anything from irritability,  crying, depression, to flu like symptoms, sore throat etc. If you have these symptoms you need to ask you Master for healing. There is nothing to worry about if you do this you are just detoxing..
After the Attunement:
For Master and the person receiveing the attunement
You should drink lots of water.It helps you detox.
Meditate 10-15 minutes each day
Go to bed early.
Exercise and get fresh air.
Stay away from crowds and loud noises.
Avoid negative thoughts and negative people.
Avoid media news.
Give your self a Reiki treatment everyday.
I use my hand as a knife to disconnect I start at the top of my head then slice down to my   toes. You can also just pull your mind back.
You will soon be a Reiki practitioner. It is important that you are aware of these legal aspects when working with people. You cannot legally heal. Cure, diagnose, or prescribe. Only a medical doctor can do these things (Ministers CAN Heal) you may get in trouble for practicing medicine without a license if you use the words heal-cure-diagnose-prescribe You can use these words to avoid legal risk: practitioner-therapist-treatment-remission. There is another reason we do not use these words we in fact do not heal. WE allow the universal energy (Reiki) to flow through us and the universal energy is what does the healing not us. The energy knows what to do it comes from INTENT to heal and the people come from intent to be healed. Do not be attached to results. You cannot make a mistake in the application of the energy. On a physical level when you touch you heal. When someone comes to you the want you.
When you are attuned to Reiki energy your channels are  opened to universal life energy. Reiki attunements are much like tuning a  radio to a desired station. All of us have universal life force energy essential for health and life. All of us have some healing energy coming from  us. The attunement helps increase the flow of life force through your body  for the benefit of yourself and others.
I like to say:
Level one is rabbit ears
Level 2 is an antenna
Master Level is cable
North and South on the Body:
The body has a North and South. The head is North and the feet are South. Your right hand is North and your left hand is South. Your right hand should always be North of the left hand.
                         Giving a Reiki Treatment

Get the room ready by drawing the Cho-Ku-Rei in the middle of the room. Visualize the room filling with white light, ask your guides to support you during the healing session.
Wash your hands.
Bring client into the room. Find out why he/she has come for treatment.
Show the client where to sit or lie down (a massage table is great for this).
Have the client relax soft music is nice for this and also incense or candles.
Perform the standard treatment.
Allow client  to remain still for a few minutes. If he is dizzy you can put your right hand on his forehead (3rd eye charka) and your left hand on his solar plexus.
Be sure to disconnect from the client.
Make sure your client is fully present before they leave. Do not let weak or dizzy clients leave. Walking around  will also help to ground them. If you have time you can also let them sleep for a while.
Hand Positions For Self:
Hold each position 1 to 5 minuets or until it releases.
Face: Place your hands cupped gently over your eyes.
This treats eyes,  pituitary gland, brain and sinuses.
Crown: Place your fingers at the crown charka.   You fingers need not touch at the top of the head but can. This treats: Pineal gland, the crown   charka and the brain.
Back Brain: Place your hand on the back of your head on the occipital bones.
This treats: Old memories and habitual behaviors.
Throat: Place you hand on your neck or very close.
This Treats: Throat area. Thyroid gland. Swollen glands.
Variation of   Throat:
Heart: Place your hands over your heart area with your fingertips facing inward, Just over the breast area. Treat: Heart, Lungs, and Thymus Gland (key to our immune system).  Is helpful during emotional upset or sadness. Use after crying to replenish your energy.
Diaphragm (solar plexus): Place your hand so that your fingertips are just inside the upper rib cage. Treats: stomach, and  other mid-torso organs.
Stomach: Place hands over middle of stomach with finger touching at the navel.
Treats: Upper intestines, liver, gall bladder, and spleen. It is good for emotional upset.   And when you are tired.
Pelvis: This treat colon and reproductive organs. Is good for PMS and Menstrual difficulties.
Below  is from  Essential Reiki by Diane Stein:
If you do not have  this book yet, I would recommend you buy it, because it is great.
This is my attempt at art work:
This is for the Back positions
Treats: neck and throat area.
Treats: Heart and  lungs, helps release stress in your back.  You can also place you palm on your back it you can reach it that way.
Kidneys: Treats kidneys and adrenals. Help when you are tired and feeling   stress.
Low Back: Treats Low back pain.
These positions are   a great place to start but go where you are guided. Let the Reiki show you where it wants to go.