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Snow White Healing

Snow White Healing Level One Manual

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Snow White

Level One

Linda Jean Horton

Copyright 2005


3000 years ago in a small druid village. We were a village of healers and used earth energy (like Celtic or Tibetan or Elemental forms of Reiki we also used plants to heal with) most of us wore a deep green robe a few of the men wore deep brown.


At that time you were born a druid it was not something you could become.

One day a man came to the village dressed in snow white the man was Jesus and he taught us to heal with the light and we became what are now called light workers or light healers.

(Yes in a past life I lived in that village with my husband and daughter. It was a very happy time for me and is still in my heart.)

Snow white can be passed everyone.

This attunement is to reconnect you to your Christ Self (also known as your higher self) and to increase your natural healing abilities.

Snow White Healing is sure to bring about some personal changes for your better good. (Even, if you don’t understand why until later and at the time it may not feel like it is for your better good).

Physical side affects are rare other than getting dizzy during the attunement (these attunements help open the upper charkas and that can make some people feel light headed. I am not sure how to say this but it seems that these attunements have life changing affects (In the past has helped people find love, end old relationships, move I have moved 5 times since my guides gave me my snow white attunements, each time I give the attunements something new happens in my life.)

If you get Physical side affects be sure to ask the person giving you the attunements for healing.  


Snow White is very much like Reiki the hand positions from Usui Reiki may also be used with Snow White.

Level one has 5 attunements 5 days in a row it is best to do the attunements at the same time each day. You may not do all the attunements on the same day.


Snow White doesn’t have any symbols it is pure energy.

For distant attunements it is best if you have a picture of the person being attuned. But not required.

Here is the method I use, I take the person’s hand and lead them into a garden in the middle of the garden is Jesus at this point he takes their hand and leads them deeper into the garden, when they return I take the person’s hand and lead them out of the garden.

With group attunements we all hold hands as we walk into the garden. I also see myself, and the group surrounded in white light. After we enter the garden the group goes and talks to the man in white (Jesus Christ) when they return to me we all walk out of the garden together.


Rev. Linda Jean Horton


If you have received these attunements as an all in one attunement email me and we can set up days and times for you to receive the attunements.

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 This is a group for people that have been or would like to be attuned to Snow White Healing.

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