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                                     Reiki is Universal healing force

                                     The Traditional History of Reiki

Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki.  He was the director of a Christian school in Japan.  His students challenged him to teach them the healing of the body so he began his search to find this way of healing.

Dr Usui traveled to the United States and entered the Chicago School of Divinity, where he earned his Doctorate in Theology.  However, he did not find the answer to his question,  How may you heal the body?  He returned to Japan and entered a Zen monastery.  There he studied  ancient Buddhist, Sanskrit, and Tibetan texts.  He was living in this monastery when he (re) discovered Reiki.

He found the formula for healing the body in the ancient texts, but he had to go throught a test to activate the healing energy.  This test was a 21 day period of fasting and meditation on the peak of MT. Kuri Yama in Japan.  He climbed the mountain chose the spot for his meditation then gathered 21 stones and piled them before him.  Each day he threw one stone down the mountain.

On the final morning just before dawn. Dr. Usui saw a beam of light coming toward him.  His first reaction was to run. however he decided to stay still.  The light entered his third eye and he lost consciousness.  He reported that he saw millions and millions of rainbow bubbles and then the Reiki symbols.  As he saw each of the symbols he was given the names and uses for each as well as information on how to activate the healing energy.

DR. Usui came down the mountain and experienced what is know as the four miracles..
1.  He stubbed his toe, instinctively put his hand around it and the flesh was healed.
2.  He ate a full meal after 21 days of fasting without any discomfort.                   
3. The innkeeper's granddaughter had a bad toothache for several days.  Dr Usui laid his hand on her face and she was healed.
4.  He healed the director of his monastery who was having an attack of gout.       

Dr. Usui began to practice Reiki in the slums of Kyoto, where he healed the beggars at no cost  asking only that they start a new life.  However he found the same people returning  who although healed of their physical ailments still chose to live by begging.  Discouraged he left the slum and began a pilgrimage throughout Japan taking Reiki with him.  He met DR. Chuhiro Hayashi on this pilgrimage and made him his successor to keep Reiki alive.

Dr. Hayashi opened a clinic in Tokyo where he practiced Reiki .  Here Ms. Takata came for healing Hawayo Takata was Hawaiian of Japanese descent.  She was in Japan facing surgery for gallbladder disease appendicites and a tummor.   On the operating table she heard a voice telling her "The surgery is not neccessary".  She got up off the table and asked the surgeon if there was another way for her to heal.  He directed her to Dr. Hayashi's clinic.  She was complety healed in four months.  She decided she would like to be trained in Reiki so she stayed in Japan and became a student of DR. Hayashi.

By mediation on the consciousness of Reiki you will also be entering a state of mind that allows your Reiki guides to work more closely with you. 

The most important way to increase the effectiveness of reiki is to come from love, compasson and kindness.  This will create a feeling of emotional safety for the client encouraging them to more fully accept the Reiki energy.  It will open the doors to your healing potential, increasing the strength of your Reiki and it is also very healthy for you.

Another interesting effect is that Reiki sometimes flows out of the bottoms of your feet.  If you feel this happening feel free to use your feet to give Reiki too.  By placing you feet close to the client the Reiki that flows from them will treat the clients aura before entering the body where it is needed or it may simply travel up the outside  of your legs and be added to the Reiki foming from your hands.

Reiki will not only treat the area where your hands are placed but will often travel to other areas of the body where it is needed. Intuition can play an inportant roll when treating specific symptoms, Always ask to be guided to the best place to treat a condition.  You can use scanning or simply ask to be guided to the right place.  Trust in your experience even if you think it is your imagination.

Reiki your food , your pets, plants,and garden seeds.
Reiki your affirmations, treasure maps, letter ect.
Reiki will quickly disipate the effects of alcohol. 
Reiki the adrenal glands when people are in shock.
Bee stings, bug bites, burns cuts, sprains and bruises.
Reiki someone who is dying to aid in a more conscious departure.

Some people feel Reiki as a warmth others as hot energy and some feel nothing at all.  If they feel nothing  then this does not mean that they are not receiving Reiki only that their particular sensitiviy level may not be quite as intense as some others.  If they are light headed after treatment put your right hand on their forhead (6th chakra) and your left hand on the solar plexus (3rd chakra)  until the feeling has passed .  This is also good for car sickness .

The engery know what to do it comes form INTENT to heal and the people come from an intent to be healed.
Do not be attached to results.  You can not make a mistake in the application of the enegry.  On a physical level when you touch you heal .  When someone comes to you the want you. 

                                     HOW DOES REIKI WORK
When you are attuned to Reiki energy your channels are opened to universal life energy. Reiki attunement are much like truning a radio to a desired stationn.  All  of us have universal life force energy essential for health and life.  All of us have some healing energy coming from us.  The attunment helps increase the flow of life force through your body for the benefit of yourself and other.