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It is July 31, 2006 and it is very HOT

Here are some new pics of the babies. They are about 3 weeks old in the pics.  It is very hard to choose but I only get to keep one. It will be either the white one or the white with darkest brown one.






December 7, 2005
I am looking forward to the new year. Star had her cast removed last week, she still has to be crated (keep confined in a kennel that is 2 x 4 feet) for another week or so but she is doing fine, I have been staying busy around the house and giving attunements. We had a great Thanksgiving there was over 30 family members here. lol 

Jan. 12 2006
Here is my new "grand puppies" They were born on  Jan. 3rd.



The Last few Months in my life.  2004

Hi just to let you all know why I haven’t had the time to talk to everyone the way I usual do and also why the delay in the Certificates.

It started with a small puppy that had a allergy attack and almost died, my mom had a small pom puppy and at the time she was to sick to take care of it, The puppy who is now called Destiny had to have a bath each day and then you had to pick off the scabs because there was infection under the scabs.  (The Vet. couldn’t believe she lived, lots of Reiki and Colloidal Silver)


Then my mom’s sister had a heart attack and almost died 2 days later my Dad’s sister died from lung cancer.

Then my mom had surgery and I had to help her out just as she was getting better her brother in law had a blood clot and died.


As I was getting ready to move home I found out one of my best friends has cancer so I am still at my Mom’s so I can be close to her.


I am moving back to Springdale to be closer to my family I should be back by Feb.
I am still rebuilding the house I am going to move into but maybe I will get moved soon. 
My sister and I went out for our birthdays we are (4 days and 5 years apart) we had a lot of our family there and had a great time.

Snow White Healing Website

May 2005
My puppy dog (Destiny) had 4 puppies april 27, 2005 there are 3 girls and 1 boy.
I am still working on my pluming lol but I will get it finshed one of these days.
My beloved Aunt Retha passed away last week and she will be missed by all of us. 
My son has his 21st birthday today (may4) we are planing on having lunch with some family and friends today.   

On April 27. 2005 Destiny my Pomeranian had 4 puppies 3 girls and and a boy. here are some pic of my grand puppies. "smile"


Destiny will be keeping the one with the star on her head.

June 2005

I have moved to my own place now. To all who are asking no I have not finished it yet but I do have cold water and hope to have hot water someday. We had a big storm about a week ago and blew over a bunch of big trees but they didn't hit my house, We had Angles watching over us.
My Dell computer's motherboard went bad and guess what it is just over a year they were very nice and said I should buy a new PC and I will but it won't be a Dell lol I may just get a new motherboard "smile" they are not that hard to fix, until I get a new PC or fix the other one, I have have to use the one at my mom's but she doesn't mind.

I am taking some much needed time off so I will be doing no attunements for a while, I need some time for just myself and my family, I should be back around the end of July or August. Blessings to all of you.

My mom and I went to a powwow last weekend, it was our first and lots of fun, below is some of the pics we took.



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