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Elemental Reiki For Usui Masters
Before being given this attunement you must have completed and been attuned to Usui Reiki. This will ensure that you know the basics of hand placements and the chakras.

This system is one that I have used for many years before coming to find Usui Reiki. It is composed of Goddess, Elemental, and Pagan symbology that I used to perform hands on healing from my own energies to heal others. After being attuned to Master Level Usui, I realized that these symbols and this system would be perfect for useage as a Reiki system and am here to share it with you now. Enjoy! Namaste...

There are 8 symbols in Elemental Reiki: Comfort, Growth, Eternal Love, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

We will begin with the 5 Elemental Symbols.

: the star with the circle surrounding it otherwise known as a Pentacle represents the oneness of the universe with man. It is all that we are, could be, and were. It is the neverending cycle of life and death and rebirth.  Use this symbol to heal any and all afflictions to do with a spiritual nature.

Water: two upside down triangles one inside of the other represents love, emotions, feelings, nurturing, and balance in times of change. Use this symbol to help with healings involving an emotional nature or to help balance a client who is having nerve or anxiety troubles. Good to help depression and a broken heart.

Fire: the lightning bolt of creation represents strength, power, and energy. Use this symbol to help with bringing one inner strength or physical strength to overcome afflictions or to get better from illnesses quickly.

Air: three squiggly lines representing the breath of life. This symbol represents communication, new ideas, bringing a "freshness" to life when it is blocked. Use it to help with opening chakras when they are blocked, by blowing the symbol into the chakras. This symbol is good for those who have problems with the lungs, communication, or any form of writer's block, depression caused by boredom.

Earth: the spiral of the Goddess represents the "mother" the grounding aspect of us all. Use this symbol to help slow down chakras that are spinning too fast or are way too open. This also helps with children with ADHD and those who are hyperactive. Place the symbol over the third eye for these conditions when doing a healing session. I have used it at times when I have been extremely nervous or upset as well to help calm myself down.

We will now discuss the last three symbols. I call these the power symbols because they are the ones given to me from Spirit. I call them the Spiritual Symbols.

Comfort: This symbol is for the throat and heart chakras exclusively.  Use it to heal emotional troubles of all kinds from mental illness to the blues. It will give comfort to those in grief and help the heart clear itself from any blockages or baggage it may be holding.

Growth: This symbol is for the lower three chakras exclusively. Use it to promote self-esteem, strength in one's own abilities, and to give umph! to the frightened. It is very good for those who are having menstrual troubles and those who are pregnant to give a healthy pregnancy.

Eternal Love:
This symbol is for the last two chakras six and seven exclusively. Use it to bring the "oneness" of all things to a person, to open their eyes to the spiritual world, to feel divine love, to help with sensing gifts of the spirit or to bring estatic love.

To give a healing:

Draw each of the 5 elemental symbols over the person's body. Scan the aura for any troubled areas and determine which chakra has blockages or is too open. Use the appropriate elemental symbol for this troubled area.  Now draw each of the three spiritual symbols over each of the 7 chakras starting from the crown down to the root. Continue on with basic Usui hand placements for the body. When you get to the feet: sit on the floor and visualize all the clients' residual "junk" flowing out of their body into their feet and into your own body and out of your body into the floor to ground BOTH of you out. This is a good practice and have found that it relaxes both you and your client.

To Pass Attunement for Master Level:

1. Have the person sit in front of you with their hands in 'prayer position."

2. Clap hands together three times.

3. Draw the spirit symbol over the crown of the head. Send Reiki and state aloud your intention to attune this person to the Master Elemental Level.

4. Go behind the person and draw all 5 elemental symbols starting with spirit, down their back while mentally asking the Universe for assistance in the attunement.

5. Return to the front of the person. "Open" the aura by visualizing their aura as a closed curtain that you mentally open by drawing it back and around them.  Draw all 5 Elemental symbols down their front starting with the spirit symbol.

6. Open the person's hands like a book and draw the Comfort symbol on each palm three times: once in green, once in silver, and once in white. Do this on each palm and for the Growth symbol and then the Eternal Love symbol the same way.

7. Close the person's hands and send reiki into their hands saying "healing in every touch".

8. Kneel in front of the person.  Repeat step 6 on the tops of each foot. when done say "healing in every step."

9. Stand and visualize closing the aura like a curtain as you seal the symbols into their aura. When finished say" by the earth, air, fire, water, and spirit this attunement is complete."