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Attunement and Certificates for Usui Reiki
Level 1
Level 2
Master Level
The styles of paper can change from time to time .
Each attunement comes with a Certificate and Manual.
And free Shipping.
The Master Level also comes with your  linage.
For all 3 Attunements it is a flat fee of 50.00 if ordered at the same time. USA only
For all 3 Certificates a flat fee of $65.00 if ordered at the same time. OUTSIDE THE USA
USA $20.00 each
OUTSIDE USA $25.00 each
USA $50.00
Outside the USA $65.00
When you Order all 3 attunements you will receive the 3 certificates and the  3 manuals bound into one manual  for easy use and a free linage chart.
Paypal and Money Orders are the only form of payments I can accept.  Please NO PERSONAL CHECKS .  Money Orders must be for the USA (please check and be sure)
My Address for Money Orders Is:
Linda Horton
955 Underhill LN
Springdale, AR 72764  USA
To receive a certificate from me you must receive an attunement from me
Please type your name the way you want it on the Certificate if you type in all caps (JANE DOE) that is how it will be on your Proof of Attunement. If you type it (Jane Doe) that is how it will be on your Certificate.
Master Level USA $25.00
Master Level Outside USA $30.00
Tibetan Reiki
To Receive the Tibetan Reiki Attunement You must be a Usui Reiki Master and provide a copy of your master level certificate.  Tibetan Reiki has 18 symbols and take 30 min. to receive your attunement.
Tibetan  Reiki is a complete system of energy healing and helps bring enerigies into harmony and balance .  There is no way to prove this form of healing originated in Tibet.  The symbols are not from the Tibetan Sanskrit language but the spiritual information of each symbol is similar to that found in may Easteren Philosophies.
Tibetan Attunement Manual, Certificate and Linage
All 3 Usui Reiki Attunements and The Tibetan Attunement,  Manuals, Certificates and Linages